Library Rules

1] Identity card is compulsory to the students enrolled.
2] Every student should possess identity card in the college campus. On demand he/ she should produce the same.
3] Duplicate identity card / borrows ticket will be issued, if       necessary, @Rs 10/5
4] Senior college students are given library card.
5] Students should tale care old books issued to them. They should inform about missing pages to the library [counter] staff, the very moment of its issue.
6] Missing paper@ Rs.1/- per paper and a binding charge Rs.5/- per book will be charged.
7] The lost /torn book will have to be replaced with latest edition .Otherwise twice the price of the latest edition will be charged, subject to a minimum of Rs 50/-
8] Issue section is kept open during Dipawali vacation. Books not returned in time will attract fine, even during vacation.
9] Suggestion box is kept in the reading room. Constructive suggestions/ complaints are welcome.
10] Xerox in facility at moderate rate is available in the library.
11] In case of any grievances, contact the librarian.