Library Rules

                                          Library Rules for students 

  1. Identity card is compulsory to the students enrolled.
  2. Every student should possess identity card in the college campus. On demand he/ she should produce the same.
  3. Duplicate identity card / borrows ticket will be issued, if necessary, @Rs 10/5 senior college students are given library card.
  4. Students should tale care old books issued to them. They should inform about missing pages to the library [counter] staff, the very moment of its Issue.
  5. Missing paper@ Rs.1/- per paper and a binding charge Rs.5/- per book will be charged.
  6. The lost /torn book will have to be replaced with latest edition .Otherwise twice the price of the latest edition will be charged, subject to a minimum of Rs 50/-.
  7. Issue section is kept open during Dipawali vacation. Books not returned in time will attract fine, even during vacation.
  8. Suggestion box is kept in the reading room. Constructive suggestions/ Complaints are welcome.
  9. Xerox in facility at moderate rate is available in the library.
  10. In case of any grievances, contact the librarian.


                                      Rules for Reading Room


  1. Reading Room will remain open from 8.00 A.M. To 5.45 P.M.
  2. Admission to reading room without identity card is prohibited.
  3. Student can borrow on their Identity card text book magazines, newspapers set etc.
  4. Books for competitive examinations such as UPSC, MPSC, NET, SET,
  5. UGC, NET-SET and MBA CDS. Exams L.I.C., G.K, I.A.S. are available on Fix Deposit.
  6. For competitive examination magazines are available in English &Marathi
  7. Silence should be observed in reading room
  8. Indiscipline / Misbehavior will not be tolerated.


Rules for Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff


  1. A teacher can borrow 25 books. Out of these 20 books should with his/ her Subject. [Excluding text books].
  2. Fiction/general interest books are issued for 20 days. In case the teacher wants to keep them for more days, permission from the principal should be obtained. Subject related text-book and subject related reference book are given to the teacher for one academic year.
  3. In case a teacher wants text book/ reference book of a subject other than his/ her owns written permission [explaining the reason for borrowing should be obtained from the principal.
  4. A teacher can borrow one subject related and one other magazine/journal from the reading room for 21 days.
  5. Anon-teaching staff member can borrow two books, one journal and one fiction and one magazine for 21 days, Text-books and reference works will not be issued to them on any ground.
  6. Periodicals will be issued fifteen days after their entry in the register.
  7. Books / periodicals not return within due date will be fined at the rate of Rs.1/-per week, Maximum fine will be Rs.100/-
  8. All the books / periodicals borrowed should be returned on before April30; otherwise twice the amount of the original price of the current price will be deducted as deposit from the salary of May. Minimum deduction will be Rs.50/-[even if the current price or twice the price of original edition is less than Rs.50/-] it is replace the lost book / periodicals before July 31. Else deposit will be forfeited.
  9. Deducted deposit will be refunded to the concerned staff member a month after replacing / giving back the book / periodicals etc.
  10. Syllabus, question paper sets, guides etc. will not be issued however, Employees can borrow and go thought them in the reading room.
  11. Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, annual issues, Bound volumes of Articles /Magazines and Rare books will not be issued out.


Rules for Issue section


  1. Book issued on library card can be returned only for seven days.
  2. Reference, rare books are not issued out, however they can be made available in the reading room.
  3. The Books are provided to the Teaching & Non-Teaching staff as per fixed Quota of the Books. No time limit is there-for the return of the Books.
  4. However, the staff should return the Books at the time of stock verification.
  5. The Books are also provided to the members of the management & the staff Forms other Educational Institutions of our Bahirji Smarak Vidyalaya Education Society.
  6. Periodicals will be issued to the Teaching, Non-Teaching Staff for 15 Days. Syllabus Book, Question set, Reference Book Etc., will not be issued,
  7. However, Employees can Borrow and go through them in the Reading Room.
  8. Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Annual Issues, Periodicals bound volumes will not be issued out.